There have been a few cases where I had been working on something, committed it, pushed it to master, and yet the ‘Contributions’ section on my Github profile wasn’t reflecting those commits. Even stranger, commits I made at work would show, but when I worked on personal projects at home, they would not show.

My personal contributions grid on Github. With a few gaps I couldn't explain until now!
My personal contributions grid on Github. With a few gaps I couldn't explain, ...until now!

The Solution:

There’s a whole list of potential reasons, detailed here, on what the issue could have been. The issue I was running into was that the email I had set on my local machine for git was different than the email I use for my Github account. Hence why commits I was making on my work computer (where I had configured with the correct email) were showing on the grid, but the commits I made on my personal computer at home (where I had an email different than the one I use for my Github configured locally) were not showing up.

To change the email configured with your local git, enter the following command in your command line:

git config --global

Make sure to use the same as the email you use for you Github account in place of ''.

That’s it!

Now your commits, that have made their way to the master branch, should be reflected on your contributions chart! If not, you have another issue that’s likely documented in link I gave above, here it is again.

Git committing!