With stay-at-home orders having no end in sight, I decided to use this time to focus on all the things I've been putting off because of lacking time. In order to hold myself accountable, I'm using daily blogs to track what I learned that day, no matter how small or basic it might be.

Me, sitting in front of the computer

Codecademy: Computer Science Path

This path is front-loaded with getting familiar with both programming basics and python syntax. It's going over very basic programming fundamentals is quite boring. The only reason I'm not skipping over these sections is because there is some Python specific material that is going to be helpful for the latter modules. For example, python methods can have multiple returns!

Youtube: Mock Interviews

Watched a couple of mock technical interviews. Focusing strictly on phone/online based ones since that'll all that will be happening for the foreseeable future! I'm liking the variety of videos that interviewing.io has on their Youtube page. They mainly have engineers from a lot of the big name companies solving problems with whatever language they prefer, so there's also a solid selection of the most common languages.