With stay-at-home orders having no end in sight, I decided to use this time to focus on all the things I've been putting off because of lacking time. In order to hold myself accountable, I'm using daily blogs to track what I learned that day, no matter how small or basic it might be.

Me, sitting in front of the computer

Udemy: The Coding Interview boot camp: Algorithms + Data Structures

Went back to the recursive solution for the fibonacci problem, cried at it's time complexity and then introduced memoization.

The next section had me implement a queue in JavaScript, utilizing an array. Then, solved a problem weaving two queues together.

Leetcode: Practice & Explore

I checked out their explore/learn part of the site, starting with Queues. I like having both video and reading resources, and I like that this one has a nice structure for written material, with animations. I think it's going to pair well with the udemy course I'm watching.

Did and quick'n'dirty (read: easy) problem with fining the length of the last word in a string. Knocked it out. On to the next! (read: medium & hard problems)