When I saw that I was teaching a web design course I was stoked! I thought for sure that it would be a breeze since design and front end development come easy to me, but teaching something that came more intuitively proved to be more challenging than I thought.

Doing More Than 'Making Things Pretty'

During these two weeks my students went from zero to learning html, css, jquery and design theories. The last four of those days spent implementing what they learned into a final project. Pure craziness!

I was lucky enough with this class that a good chunck had already taken the previous course and were familiar with the

students graduating from flatiron precollege program inchicago Q and A with Karlie Kloss
One day coding was interrupted by supermodel and Taylor Swift bestie, Karlie Kloss talking about her coding and bootcamp experience.

The Final Projects

Squeezing front end coding and design theory into a couple of weeks wasn't easy, but these kids knocked it out of the park when it came time to make their final projects. It's the most gratifying feeling when kids pickup and apply tough concepts and code after minimal instruction.

students graduating from flatiron precollege program in chicago
Easily one of the most clever and stunning designs done up by our Sammich Maker.</a>

students graduating from flatiron precollege program in chicago
Digging up all the dirt on our class, Flatiron Tabloid summed up what made our class so great, the culture and general sillyness! </a>

students graduating from flatiron precollege program in chicago
With site that's out of this world, this team came together to make a beautiful and creative app with a whole lotta pizzaz. </a>

Too many goodbyes

Not only did I have to say goodbye to the majority of students in this class, but also my incredible co-teacher Jeff. I really couldn't have asked for a better bunch to be part of my first month of teaching.

co-teacher Jeff
web design students group photo
One last group shot before having to depart with these fantastic group of kids and my co-teach Jeff.