My second round of the Intro to Software Engineering class with my new co-teacher was yet another successful chapter in this amazing experience.

It's all about the Experience

In June I started teaching high schoolers the ins and out of web development in two week long, intensive courses. Now, they're by no means experts by the end, however, they left with a solid foundation and, more importantly, enthusiasm to continue learning!

Jamie Pilgrim Jamie Pilgrim
Forming groups and whiteboarding final project ideas

The Code is Incidental

In our classes, as molded by many other coding bootcamps, the culture is just as essential as the code itself. The goal is not only to get kids engaged in coding, but to also form strong relationships with thier peers. Doing so helps so so soooooo much more for building a strong classroom culture that opens up discussion, questions and self discovering.

The less dependant the students become on me and the more the rely on thier peers, the less work to do. Win win.

Final Projects

In the end, we had four AMAZING final projects that were bulit in only a couple days, including ideation to the final touches. Each group had their own twist on what they chose to focus on. Having a lot of natural designers, many latched on to displaying their content beautifly while other had very intericite logic on thier backend.

Jamie Pilgrim Jamie Pilgrim
Final projects are setup for demonstration to visiting family and guests.

Serious Developers

Seriously, these kids knocked out AMAZING projects and absorbed so much in the two weeks we had them. It's crazy to think that we still managed to fit in improv games and just be silly with each other.

Serious Group Photo Silly Group Photo Silly Group Photo

It was sad to let yet another class go, especially one so unique and diverse in thier talents. That said, I'm incredibly proud of the work they did and how well they all joined forces to make incredible projects!